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Apply Online

Easily apply for French Visa online with us and get a direct appointment at the France embassy. All left for you to do is appear for the appointment.

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france schengen visa appointment
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Submit Documents

Submit the required documents at the time of appointment and get approved for French Visa. Refer our Visa Service section for documents.

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Receive Visa

Receive your French Visa easily once all the formalities are completed and hurray! You’re all set! Gear up and get ready to sail.

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Welcome to France Visa Services

France, the country of culture, architecture, Mediterranean beaches and fashion, attracts all kinds of people from every corner of the world. Are you one of those travelers too whose heart desires to experience the beauty and culture France has to offer?

We, at France Visa Services, make your visa application procedure easy. We provide fast France visa application services that will make your travel plan hassle free! From France Tourist Visa to Business Visa for France, we have it all!


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At France Visa Services, we understand your need for a fast track France visa application service. Hence, we provide France Visa application services that can significantly ease your process for application. Through us, you can schedule your appointment easily as we will not only arrange a prior appointment for you but also guide you throughout the process.

We will thoroughly counsel you through each step before France visa application, through documents submission and what is the status of the application.

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France Visa Appointment
  • Candidates applying for French Visa through the embassy must possess a valid UK resident card.
  • France must be the key destination in your travel plan to ensure the application goes through.
  • Key destination is the place where you are going to stay for the longest period of time in your itinerary.
  • Up-to-date documents that include hotel reservations, travel itinerary and confirmation from authority are to be produced at the time of appointment.

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french visa application appointment
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Things to Remember for
French Visa Appointment
  • The candidate possessing French visa can visit any 24 countries of Schengen Area till the date specified in the Visa.
  • The only thing to consider is that the visa possessed by the candidate is French, Spanish or German Visa.
  • Applicant must ensure that the passport is in terms with the active Schengen Visa or else the French embassy will not grant the candidate with a new French Visa.
  • Before applying for French visa, kindly ensure that your old visa has expired or canceled by the consulate that issued the old visa.

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Our Services
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Tourist Visa

Explore the beautiful beaches, French cuisine and celebrated architecture of the fashion capital of the world.

france student visa services

Spouse Visa

Want to join your spouse on the French grounds? Apply for easy spouse Visa with us online and join your partner in French lands

france tourist visa application

Student Visa

Want to study in the French land? Get ready to achieve your dreams with our France student visa application online.

france tourist visa services

Business Visa

With our Business visa for France application services, gear up for a great business trip to the French ground.

Steps for Obtaining Visa

  • Fill the application form online.
  • Appointment will be scheduled with the embassy.
  • Produce the required documents to the embassy at time of appointment.
  • The passport will be sent via Post once every formality has been completed.

Documents Required

  • Duly filled application form.
  • Current valid passport.
  • UK Visa of the candidate possessing resident card.
  • 2 passport size colored photographs.
  • Updated bank statement.
  • Accommodation proof such as hotel reservations.
  • Travel proof that include flight tickets and so on.

Our Services

  • A highly professional staff that guides you through the process of application.
  • Complete counseling for application process and more for the kind of visa applied for.
  • Travel and accommodation booking services for our clients planning to the visit France.
  • Specialized counseling for documentation required.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The visa has to be applied for by being present in person. It is mandatory for the applicant to visit the visa centerat least once for biometric data verification.

The best time to apply for France visa is before three months of planned visitso it is best for you to plan your trip accordingly.

Any child has to be mandatorily accompanied by an adult at the time of appointment. The child cannot be permitted for visa application on his/her own.

The visa application must be submitted to the French Embassy of your country.

Visa processing time depends on various reasons like the nationality of the candidate, purpose of stay and so on. Some visa applications may need special checks which can increase the processing time. Hence, it is best to apply 3 months before the planned trip.

As per the French and European law, the Embassy is authorized to reject the visa applications on justified grounds. However, if you want to contest the decision before administrative court, you can do so by filing an appeal to the Commission de Recours Contre les Decisions de Refus de Visa within 2 months of refusal.