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Your agency has been really supportive and we appreciate your agency which has been quite helpful, affordable, fast and reliable.
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France Student Visa Requirement

You must be a UK resident with a non-visitor UK visa with at least 1 year total visa validity.

  1. , valid for more than 3 months beyond the validity of the requested visa. Your UK visa (stamp in your passport or as an ID card) must also be valid for more than 3 months beyond the validity of the requested visa. If your UK visa is stamped in the old passport please provide both old and new passports. The passport Issue date has to be within 10 years before the date of application.
  2. colour photographs with the WHITE background or OFF WHITE background. Photos must be different from photos used for other visas in the passport . It should be without any head covering or glasses.
  3. Download here (PDF) Please sign TWICE: once at p.37 and AGAIN down the bottom right corner in a box called Signature. Important! Please do NOT make any visible corrections. If needed, we can help you to fill in the form correctly. If you are married to a UK/EU citizen only an applicant (who needs a visa) has to sign TWICE, a spouse does NOT have to sign.
  4. (NOT needed for spouses of UK/EU citizens).
  5. (NOT needed for spouses of UK/EU citizens). If insurance is provided with your bank account - recent letter from bank confirming cover, dates no older than 1 MONTH, on bank's headed paper. We can Issue travel Insurance for an year at an additional cost of £20.
  6. no older than 1 month (NOT needed for spouses of UK/EU citizens).
  7. Latest bank statement (postal, printed at a branch or from the internet banking), with your NAME, balance dated no older than 1 month, in credit, with a minimum balance £60 per person per day of stay in France. The latest bank statement has to be within 1 month of the date of application. (NOT needed for spouses of UK/EU citizens).
  8. If you cannot provide a bank statement or a balance is not good - EURO travellers cheques of £60 per day of your trip. Credit cards are not accepted.

    For employed: (NOT needed for spouses of UK/EU citizens). Letter must be: no older than 1 month, on ORIGINAL company's headed paper; stating company's registration/VAT number , your name, position, when you started work (Not needed for students).
  9. If you are (and a spouse is not a UK/EU citizen): a) letter of support from the spouse; b) original spouse's passport; c) original marriage certificate, d) spouse's employment letter (as p.7); e) spouse's bank statement (as p.5). South African and Indian marriage certificates are OK . All other foreign marriage certificates must be stamped – “legalised” - by a respective Embassy in the UK (such as certificates must be stamped by Thai Embassy in the UK).
  10. For students: plus attendance record. Letter must be: no older than 1 month; on headed paper; stating your course and dates of graduation, confirming attendance (that you have been present during the studies). (NOT needed for spouses of UK/EU citizens).
  11. For self-employed: Letter: 1) dated no older than 1 month on solicitor/accountant's letterhead paper; and confirming 2) you are self-employed, 3) business name and company number; 4) nature of business. NOT needed for spouses of UK/EU citizens.  (NOT needed for spouses of UK/EU citizens).
  12. For spouses of UK citizens: If your certificate is not in English, French, German or Italian - must be translated by a registered translation company. Please provide BOTH original certificate (in foreign language) AND original translation. These are the only documents required for this visa - plus passport, 2 photos, visa form and payment (but no bank statement, no tickets/hotel etc.).
  13. (plane, train, ferry, bus). If going on a tour - confirmed booking with itinerary from a travel agent. Tickets printed from the internet are OK (NOT needed for spouses of UK/EU citizens).
  14. ferry/train tickets, driving licence, M.O.T; car logbook, car insurance.
  15. Proof of accommodation (NOT required for spouses of UK/EU citizens).

    If staying at a hotel: Hotel bookings from internet website are acceptable or Hotel booking directly from a hotel on hotel's letterhead paper. Can be a fax or an email or a scanned letter. You can book a hotel through a travel website or travel agent or else you can contact a hotel direct and ask them to send such an email or fax confirming the following: a) your name(s) as a guest; b) dates of stay; c) hotel address and contact details.

    If staying with friends/family: original(‘Attestation d'Accueil') must be obtained by the inviting party in France. This is obtained from the local Town Hall or Police Station.
  16. a) Letter of employer as p.8) above plus confirming health insurance cover (medical cost + repatriation). B) Formal invitation letter from the French company, stating purposes and frequency of the business trip(s). You may request a 'circulation visa' if you can prove your frequent trips to France for professional purposes.
  17. Important Note- Please send us all your Original documents + a set of photocopy of all your documents including your passport,UK visa and previous schengen visa.
  18. The total fee for visa processing is £165.00. If you are spouse/children of a UK/EU citizen - total fee is £115.
  19. If Express visa is required within 7 days of traveling then there is a additional cost of £20. Please note: a visa processing center is an admin center, French Embassy no longer works direct with the public since October 2010.
  20. Add pre-paid Special Delivery envelope (to return your documents) from any Post Office or add £10 for postage and handling.
  21. Please submit your documents personally to our office or post by secure Special Delivery from any Post Office or by a courier to our office.

    Office Address :-
    17, Cavendish Square,
    London, W1G0PH

    Contact no. - 02084323472
    E-mail         - info@francevisa.co.uk
    Web            - www.francevisa.co.uk

  22. Nationals (even though spouse of british/EU national) from the following countries takes upto 16 days to get their French Schengen visa applications processed: For all other nationalities we can do the visa processing in 3- 4 days after we receive the documents based on our slots.






United Arab Emirates



North Korea


Saudi Arabia





























We cannot apply for anyone on a tourist visa.

By sending/giving us your documents you agree to Terms and Conditions, available from www.info@francevisa.co.uk