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France Visa Appointment Services

About France Visa

We are specialized in providing bio-metrics appointment in French Embassy on behalf of the visa applicants. Normally the France visa is processed in 7-10 working days after the biometrics.

France Visa is an entry pass for the visitors, which is issued by French Embassy to enter and stay in France from certain days to certain months. France visa allows the applicant to travel any of the given 24-26 Schengen countries. Tourist Visa is normally used for leisure travelling purpose, visiting family and friends and other personal reasons.

Do you require a France Visa?

If you are not an EU national or British citizen then you require a French Visa. French Schengen Visa holder can travel any of the 24-26 Schengen countries check the list of Schengen countries below.

Austria Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal Slovenia Slovakia Spain
Sweden Switzerland

These nationals do not require a visa to travel France and can stay which should not exceed 90 days.

France Visa Processing Time

Via processing time depends upon nationality for certain nationals the visa processing time take around 12-15 working days after the bio-metrics. Check the list below.

Afghanistan Algeria Bangladesh Belarusian Belize Burma
Burundi Colombia Congo (Zaire) Egypt Indonesia Iran
Iraq India Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Libya
Myanmar Niger Nigeria North Korea Oman Pakistan
Palestine Philippines Qatar Rwanda Saudi Arabia Somalia
Sudan Surinam Syria Vietnam Yemen Zimbabwe
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Apply your France Visa in 4 simple steps

  • Visa Step1Fill up the Apply Online Form
  • Visa Step2We book biometric Appointment for you in the Embassy
  • Visa Step3Visit Appointment Center with all Documents
  • Visa Step4 Receive visa in your passport via post
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  • I have received my passport from France embassy and I have got Schengen visa. I wanted to thank you for the help.

    - Himani Sharma, UK (Indian)
  • We are so happy today our visas have been approved. I got a 1 year visa and my wife got 2 year visa thanks for your support and timely guidance.

    - Priyank Patwa,UK (Indian)
  • Today we got our passport with visa my daughter is so happy as we are going to Disneyland. Your guided us well and arranged our appointment on time we are looking forward for other Schengen visas with you next time.

    - Rolan Okoroafor, UK (Nigerian)
  • Great! We got our passport back with visa thanks a lot for your support and guidance. You are a star.

    - Monica Thompson,UK (Columbia)
  • “Thanks a lot for your efforts and guidance on time we could have lost our holidays but you guys made our holidays special by sorting out our French visa on time”.

    - Berry Johnson, UK (South African)